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About the International Institute of Home Staging™

MISSION: Double the size of 1000 home staging businesses by 2021 and double the number of professional home staging businesses.

The International Institute of Home Staging (IIHS™) is Australia’s premier home staging and property styling education provider, with levels ranging from introductory to advanced certificate courses. As the first and only interactive online home staging course provider in Australia, IIHS™ will give you styling and home staging principles and teach you how to sell your home for more, renovate for profit, or start a home staging business in an emerging and growing sector.

The demand for home staging has skyrocketed in popularity due to its positive effect on real estate sale prices so if you love interiors, are interested in a real estate career and enjoy solving styling problems, this is the sector for you.

Students benefit from courses designed by founder and practising stylist Naomi Findlay plus a team of design, styling and business experts. In addition to receiving real-life insights and practical tuition, you will also have Naomi assess the course work and personally provide the support, advice and feedback required to feel confident in your abilities.


IIHS™ Founder and Principal

Naomi Findlay is the founder and principal educator at the IIHS™. She was the founder of Silk Home Staging & Styling, a successful home staging business, is the author of the bestselling books The Start Up Guide to Renovating for Wealth, Sell Your Property For More Money and Ignite Your Property Mojo and regularly writes for

In addition to her styling skills and expertise, Naomi has postgraduate qualifications in training and assessment, adult and tertiary education and a PhD on effective elements to education as well as several years of university teaching experience.

She has teaching awards from the University of Newcastle and the Australian College of Education and has been nominated for a national award with the Australian Teaching and Learning Council.

Each year she stages about 250 homes, achieving a return on investment for each one. For example, recent pre-sale property styling for one home saw a small $3,000 investment achieve a quick sale price of $577,500 compared to the pre-staged price expectation of $480,000-$530,000.

IIHS™ Team

Board of Advisors


Naomi Findlay

Principal and Founder IIHS™
Andrew Dart

Andrew Dart

Professional Development Coach IIHS™
Fiona Thurlow

Fiona Thurlow


Lynette Landy

Industry Professional, Victoria

Dynamic Home Transformations

Courtney Younie - Allure Property Styling

Courtney Younie

Industry Professional, New South Wales

Allure Property Styling


Jillinda Perry-Haines

Industry Professional, Queensland

Living Synergy Property Styling


Vanessa Johnson

Industry Professional, New South Wales


Tracy Layton update

Tracy Layton

Industry Professional, Victoria

Naturally Styled Homes


Catherine Craig

Industry Professional, Queensland

Simple and Savvy Property Styling

Dimitra Oldham

Industry Professional, New South Wales

Staging Designs


Skye Mendl

Industry Professional, ACT

Tweak Home Staging