Advanced Home Staging & Business Development Strategies

Working as a property stylist and want to take your career to the next level?

Need help developing your business and sales skills in property styling?

Want to build on what you learnt in your first course with IIHS™?

Studied property styling with someone else but
lack the confidence to start your dream career?

Welcome to The International Institute of Home Staging’s™ career defining


Advanced Home Staging
Business Development Strategies


Advanced Home Staging and Business Development
Strategies is the course that will take your career as a
property stager and stylist to the next level!

Is this you?

  • You have completed introductory study either with IIHS or another provider and want to take your career to the next level with more advanced home staging techniques and business practices
  • You are ready for practical learning experiences that will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a highly paid property stylist
  • You recognise that to open your own property styling business (or become an even more valuable member of someone else’s business) you are going to need more learning and development in a variety of areas
  • You have worked as a property stylist for a number of years and now want to study and gain qualifications that can help you win more jobs
  • You are an interior designer or visual merchandiser and want to develop your skills and knowledge to create a new career in the world of real estate and property styling
  • You want to join a community of like minded property stylists with a passion for learning and development
  • You want to understand (and then put into practice) what it takes to grow a property styling business and develop the people you work with

Having experience in staging and styling properties is awesome, but without understanding how to manage your mindset, develop your marketing and sales skills, deeply understanding what it takes to run a business and so much more, taking the next step to a highly paid career in home staging and styling might be too hard.

The most successful property stagers and stylists make ongoing learning and development a key priority throughout their career.

Property styling is not something that is taught at University or TAFE. But, this does not mean that you don’t need specialized education to become successful

You can do all the interior design, marketing, design and sales courses available but this does not mean that you will have all of the skills necessary to become a professional property stylist.


Property styling is so much more than the physical act of staging a property, which is why home staging is so different to anything that is currently being taught in traditional education systems.

Let’s say you have successfully staged a few properties after completing some type of study…

…you have had a few staging flops too, either over staging properties, under staging or just not meeting the mark.

What next?

How do you guarantee property staging success?

You know that home staging is the right career path for you, and you really want to make it work.

You want to build your own property styling business, or help someone else build theirs by becoming better.

Why will Course 2: Advanced Home Staging & Business Development Make You Successful?

Here are a few reasons why YOU NEED TO undertake Course 2: Advanced Home Staging & Business Development if you want to become a successful property styling and business owner:

  • You will acquire all the information you need to successfully stage properties, manage and grow a property styling business at the same time
  • You will learn to understand property styling principles such as colour and light, living spaces, client consultations installations and more!
  • You will develop your confidence as IIHS has a key focus on encouraging students to undertake professional property styling work
  • You will learn the key techniques and mechanisms to start your own property styling business
  • Everything to do with the course is available online in a PDF format so you can learn when you want, where you want, and have the material to look back on and learn from forever
  • You will learn to showcase your newly learned knowledge and skills, through regular assessments and feedback from a professional property stylist
  • You will develop your skills through 15 essential development modules including: client interactions, inventory installations and foundational business skills for property styling consultations to name a few
  • The course is self-paced so you complete the course in your own time

So, how do you start living out
your career dream, smashing your
career goals and

Most people only dream of the lifestyles being a property stylist can bring, but you can learn how to achieve the outcome you desire.

And that’s exactly what this page is all about…

Do You Want to Develop Your Property Styling Skills So You Can Become a Professional Property Stylist and Live the Lifestyle You Dream of?

Since leaving the world of academia (Yes I was a doctor!) and focusing on my true loves of interior design, property styling and real estate I have turned my life around!

I have combined my love of education with my love for interiors, styling and real estate to create a property styling business, a property styling education program for other property stylists, a renovation formula that I present through Zadel Property Education and have been given the opportunity to write for some amazing media outlets including, Interiors Addict, Reno Addict and many more!

If you are like me and have decided to change your career goal even though you already have a job, The International Institute of Home Staging is the place for you to develop and grow your new career!

Here is a snippet of what is covered in this course…

  • Advanced Home Staging & Business Development will develop your foundational skills in advanced property styling techniques, mindset management, team building and communications
  • You will learn how to develop relationships with real estate agents and why this is crucial to the success of your business and career
  • You will discover how to build your client data base
  • You will learn how to stage multiple properties at the same time
  • You will learn how to create the ‘wow’ factor for every property you stage
  • You will discover the importance of managing client interactions and how to create strong relationships with fellow home stagers
  • You will discover how to manage your inventory for maintaining stock, installations and removals

…and sooooooo much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

The courses at the International Institute of Home Staging™ are written by Naomi Findlay. Along with other property styling professionals, Naomi assesses the course work completed by each and every student and personally provides support, advice and specific feedback to each student.

Naomi started her highly successful Newcastle NSW-based property styling business, Silk Home Staging & Styling™ eight years ago. She is also the founder and principle of the International Institute of Home Staging™ where she has combined her skills in both property styling and awarded expertise in tertiary education.

Naomi tours with the Zadel Property team, teaching her Rapid Renovation Formula and Space Medicine. Naomi has also received numerous teaching awards from the University of Newcastle and the Australian College of Education, as well as being nominated for a national award with the Australian Teaching and Learning Council.

And, she has successfully developed the largest home staging conference in the Southern Hemisphere and was voted one of the Top 5 home stagers in the world in 2015.

Advanced Home Staging & Business Development has essential skill development modules that will provide you with expert knowledge about how to professionally style properties and how to run your own property styling business.

The sixteen units that can be completed on your own time, include:

• Unit 1 Manage your Mindset

• Unit 2 Starting a small business

• Unit 3 Building a team

• Unit 4 Advanced Colour and Light

• Unit 5 Placement is Everything

• Unit 6 Entry Spaces

• Unit 7 Bathrooms

• Unit 8 Dining Rooms

• Unit 9 Kitchens

• Unit 10 Living Spaces

• Unit 11 Bedrooms

• Unit 12 Outdoor Spaces

• Unit 13 Communications

• Unit 14 Client Consultations

• Unit 15 Installations

• Unit 16 Reports and Forms

Everything about this course is available digitally, which means you can access Advanced Home Staging & Business Development, at any time, anywhere in the world. The material in this course has been created to make it as easy as possible to go back to look at past content, to revise for assessments and, of course, to learn more about home staging and managing a property styling business!

At the end of each unit, an assessment must be completed and passed in order for the student to graduate the course. Advanced Home Staging & Business Development is completely customizable in terms of how each student completes and submits their work. The International Institute of Home Staging™ is happy to work with each student and find the best way for the student to complete the course most effectively.

Plus, you will become part of the International Institute of Home Staging™ community, which comes in various forms such as membership, events and other benefits that are exclusive to students of the International Institute of Home Staging™.

The courses are delivered online but students do have the option to submit their assessments in whichever way best suits the student. However, submitting assessments online does allow for feedback to be received more quickly.

A course certificate is issued and mailed at the completion of each course

Each course and each unit are self-paced. This means that the hours it takes to complete each course and module is unique to each student and their situation.

For instance, some students spend 10 hours a week and finish the course in six weeks. Other students may take a month to complete a module, and that is completely fine.

Assessment tasks are scattered throughout the course, with a major work to be completed at the end of the course. All assessment items need to be passed in order to pass the course. This course does not offer any electives. On submission of assessments, a confirmation email will be sent within 48 hours of IIHS™ receiving the submission.

The next unit of work will be sent out within five working days and the feedback and results of the assessment will be available within two working weeks of the submission.

For each of the modules you will receive a workbook. This workbook is downloaded as a PDF guide for you. Depending on the computer technology available to you, you can submit your work on the easiest form for you. Most students use the workbook as a guide and submit their work in various ways, including

1. Printing the workbooks and completing it in hard copy, either returning it via post, scanning or emailing

2. Using PDF software to complete the work within the downloaded file.

3. Requesting a word document version of the workbook to complete.

4. Most students simply create a document using Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Pages or Keynote that contains their work and email it back as a PDF to IIHS™ for assessment.

The format of work submitted to IIHS™ is up to each student. The International Institute of Home Staging™ is happy to work with students in the medium they prefer as long as the work is well presented and of a high standard.

Please note: you MUST have previously completed Course 1: Art of Home Staging to be able to progress to Course 2: Advanced Home Staging & Property Development.

OR if you are working within the property styling industry you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience to move straight into this course…to learn more about these requirements CLICK HERE!

Support can be obtained at any stage during the course via email at [email protected]

Email support and turn around is within 48 hours

 If you are ready to join over 500 current and past students who have discovered the results they can achieve with Advanced Home Staging & Business Development please feel free to enroll now.

If You DIY Property Styling and Don’t Plan to Develop Your Skills You Risk Wasting Your Time and Money (and your clients)

Say you grew up wanting to be a doctor…

You might play doctors and nurses as a kid…

You might start watching medical shows on television…

You might even start reading medical books and magazines
…but just because you have done all these things doesn’t make you a doctor
…not even close!

At some point you are going to have to invest in yourself and undergo professional education to become a doctor…
…and it is hard work

But it is worth it!

Because you are learning about what it takes to follow your dreams

The same idea applies for property styling!

At The International Institute of Home Staging™ I’ve already done all the hard work! I have developed a program that works, and I know it works because I have documented all of my mistakes and figured out what works!

Course 2: Advanced Home Staging & Business Development was created so you CAN LIVE OUT YOUR CAREER GOALS and become a successful property stylist.

Normally to work with me to learn how to become a professional property stylists and successfully manage your business it would cost many thousands of dollars in tuition fees, countless face to face hours with me in Newcastle, NSW and the costs that comes with that (travel and accommodation being the biggest)

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Think of this as one of the best investments you will make in your life!

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  • Transform your clients lives by helping them in one of the most stressful times of their lives
  • Make money for yourself and your clients by staging properties for sale, rent or valuation using my experience and guidance to make sure its done the right way
  • Save time (and money) by executing on a proven formula that works
  • Avoid potentially-embarrassing and costly “rookie” mistakes
  • Have a formula that will work for you every time you stage a property for sale, rent, or valuation, and…

The choice is yours…

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The International Institute of Home Staging™ offers two payment options.

Pay in Full

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