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The Home Staging and Styling Blog concentrates on bringing you the latest home staging tips, tricks and hacks.  It is a resource for inspiration, ideas and content on how to stage your home as well as how to create and grow a home staging business. We hope you love our top tips, ideas and resources for home staging.

How To Improve Your Business’ SEO with Jayne Day

By Naomi / May 28, 2019

Hi everyone, Naomi Findlay here! If you have been to one of our International Institute of Home Staging events before you know exactly who…

Create a Divine Dining Space

By Naomi / May 28, 2019

Creating the perfect dining space is something we can all achieve and guess what?! It doesn’t need to be done with a big budget!…

Home Staging Tips

How to Choose the Right Shade of Grey

By Naomi / May 21, 2019

Recently I have been working with a client that has given me no end of interesting blog topics to bring to you, this one…

7 Ways to Reduce Your Stress on Moving Day

By Naomi / May 15, 2019

Moving house can be such a stressful experience, what with the packing, cleaning and then unpacking all over again! But with some careful planning,…

How to Style Open Shelves

By Naomi / May 9, 2019

Lets face it, sometimes it’s easier to hide our mess behind closed doors – but I really do love open shelving, for so many…

3 Things NOT To Do When Styling Your Home To Sell

By Naomi / May 2, 2019

Research into home buyer psychology tells us that we have just 30 seconds to make a first impression when selling our home. So you…

How to Be DIY Creative

By Naomi / April 25, 2019

Hey Guys, Naomi here! I wanted to share this story with you to inspire you! One day I was sitting in my office looking…

How to Create a Gorgeous Vignette

By Naomi / April 12, 2019

When you work in property styling, knowing how to create gorgeous vignettes is essential! But what are vignettes? And how can you make them…

How to Style a Master Bedroom

By Naomi / March 29, 2019

Styling a master bedroom in a home for sale can be tricky. The majority of time spent here is for sleeping and for this…

The Pros of Open Plan Spaces

By Naomi / March 26, 2019

Open plan living spaces are a phenomenon in the architecture industry, and so they should be! They bring people together and can be used…

how to hang art

How to Hang Art in a Home for Sale

By Naomi / March 18, 2019

Art is one of the greatest ways to give homebuyers a vision when they walk into a property! They may visualise their existing home…

How To Develop Business Policies

By Naomi / August 8, 2018

By Tracey Archer In part one of the HR compliance series I discussed employment contracts, the importance of having a written contract and clauses…