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The Home Staging and Styling Blog concentrates on bringing you the latest home staging tips, tricks and hacks.  It is a resource for inspiration, ideas and content on how to stage your home as well as how to create and grow a home staging business. We hope you love our top tips, ideas and resources for home staging.

How To Bring The Light In

How To Bring The Light In

By Naomi Findley / December 3, 2019

Smoke and pet smells… Two of the most-obvious turn-offs for buyers! However, the other most significant factor that loses the interest of buyers, is…

Running A Successful Business

10 Tips for Running a Successful Business

By Naomi / November 26, 2019

Running two businesses, as well as having four children, has made my life one major balancing act! But what it has proved is starting…

Brand Loyalty Home Staging

How to Ensure Brand Loyalty in Home Staging

By Naomi / November 13, 2019

When most people think of brand loyalty, their first thought is about brands they use in their own day-to-day life. What supermarket do you…

How to network like a pro

How to Network Like a Pro

By Naomi / November 6, 2019

We’ve all heard of networking – but how exactly do you do it and why is it essential for running a successful business? While…

India Shopping Tour

India Buying Tour 2019 – Recap

By Naomi / October 25, 2019

I seriously had a ball at the IIHS India Buying Tour in May! The homewares and furniture from these places are so unique and…

Must Have Home Staging Stock

Must-Have Home Staging Stock

By Naomi / October 17, 2019

When you reach a certain point in your home staging business, acquiring stock and inventory is an essential step up. Purchasing this stock might…

Faux or Real Plants in Home Staging?

By Naomi / September 12, 2019

Today, as I always say, I’m going to give you my perspective and a little bit of the experience that I’ve undertaken in my…

Home Staging Blog

5 Reasons You Should Never Show An Empty Room to Buyers

By Naomi Findley / September 5, 2019

With home staging on the rise, it’s becoming less likely to see a property on the market that the tenant has styled themselves. However,…

pendant light

5 Spaces to Hang a Pendant Light

By Naomi / August 15, 2019

There are so many amazing pendant lights on the market that the days of only having downlights should be long gone! I sat down…

Books for success

10 Top Business Books for Success

By Naomi / August 9, 2019

Reading has been noted as one of the primary habits of ultra-successful people and as business owners in the home staging industry, we seek…

Euro Stone Adds Value

How Stone Products Can Help Increase A Home’s Value

By Naomi / August 2, 2019

Post by Nicole Andrews, marketing manager for Euro Marble Like other assets, you can increase your home’s value with a few investments and a…

how to choose art

How to Choose the Perfect Art

By Naomi / July 25, 2019

We know art can bring so much life to a space. Whether it’s adding interest to a room, bringing in a pop of colour,…