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The Home Staging and Styling Blog concentrates on bringing you the latest home staging tips, tricks and hacks.  It is a resource for inspiration, ideas and content on how to stage your home as well as how to create and grow a home staging business. We hope you love our top tips, ideas and resources for home staging.

How to Be DIY Creative

By Naomi / April 25, 2019

Hey Guys, Naomi here! I wanted to share this story with you to inspire you! One day I was sitting in my office looking…

How to Create a Gorgeous Vignette

By Naomi / April 12, 2019

When you work in property styling, knowing how to create gorgeous vignettes is essential! But what are vignettes? And how can you make them…

How to Style a Master Bedroom

By Naomi / March 29, 2019

Styling a master bedroom in a home for sale can be tricky. The majority of time spent here is for sleeping and for this…

The Pros of Open Plan Spaces

By Naomi / March 26, 2019

Open plan living spaces are a phenomenon in the architecture industry, and so they should be! They bring people together and can be used…

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How to Hang Art in a Home for Sale

By Naomi / March 18, 2019

Art is one of the greatest ways to give homebuyers a vision when they walk into a property! They may visualise their existing home…

2019 Scholarships – Apply NOW!

By Naomi / January 31, 2019

IIHS™ are so excited to announce our annual Student Scholarships. The scholarships will grant one successful applicant a kick start in the home staging…

How To Develop Business Policies

By Naomi / August 8, 2018

By Tracey Archer In part one of the HR compliance series I discussed employment contracts, the importance of having a written contract and clauses…

Making the Most of Xero Accounting Software

By Naomi / July 18, 2018

By Greg Logue We all know the importance of cash in any business! It’s the lifeblood of what you do and without it, the…

The Power of the Pause in Creating Your Successful Unique Business

By Naomi / July 12, 2018

By Bernadette O’Connor Have you felt the calling? The call to retreat, the call to switch off, the call to go within. How often…

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The Perks of Networking and how to do it

By Naomi / July 10, 2018

Networking is absolutely essential in running a successful business. While technology has made networking easier, this does not mean that you don’t have to…

Clutter and Your Mindset

By Naomi / July 5, 2018

I wanted to share something with you today that I was reading on my phone earlier, so you’ll see me looking at it a…

Financing Business Growth

By Naomi / July 5, 2018

By Greg Logue There comes a time when your business will get to capacity and 24hrs in the day is not enough! This is…