The International Institute of Home Staging™️ 

is proud to be the publisher of the

Property Stylists 2020

Property Stylists 2020

Coffee Table Book and showcase some of the finest property stylists in our country.

As appreciation for the property styling industry grows, so too does the opportunity for more home stagers to connect properties with potential buyers for the best possible sale outcome.


This book is filled with gorgeous details of the energy, passion and vision of the property stylists as you lust over images of beautiful homes they have styled for sale.

Is This Book For You?

Do you want:

A beautiful beautiful book for your coffee table?

To support the members of a growing industry?

A versatile styling piece that looks beautiful open or closed?

Some styling inspiration for your own business or home? 

A gift for a client or real estate agent?


The properties featured in this book have been staged with the utmost consideration for the buyer.

Property Stylists 2020