How to Create a Gorgeous Vignette

When you work in property styling, knowing how to create gorgeous vignettes is essential!

But what are vignettes? And how can you make them amazing?!

Vignettes are small arrangements of bits and pieces usually placed on coffee tables, book shelves, benches and anywhere that can hold specific items to bring texture and warmth to a space.

The ways in which vignettes are arranged is not random, even though it can look that way. In order to have a successful and aesthetically pleasing vignette, it is necessary for the items used to be specifically picked for a particular reason.

A vignette can be as simple as a small house plant next to a book on a coffee table. These items are commonly used in vignettes because plants are not only aesthetically pleasing but they can also create a positive and calming atmosphere in the area.

Coffee table books are often used in vignettes as they are intriguing and can make guests interested in the overall arrangement of the vignette.

Small artworks, candles and magazines are all used in vignettes to create interest and pleasing aesthetics in an area such as a coffee table.

The idea behind vignettes is that you are able to create your own small artwork that you can change whenever you please.

When styling vignettes it is of utmost importance to ensure that all items used are of different textures, shapes and sizes. While vignettes may seem easy to style, it can be difficult to create an arrangement that makes you and everyone who sees the vignette say “WOW!”.

Using different colours, textures, shapes and sizes that all work together is the most effective way to create an amazing vignette, but it is all about trial and error.

Where you put your vignette can also determine if your vignette works or not as well. A vignette may look awesome on a coffee table, but it may look a little too much on a book shelf. It’s all about figuring out what works best in the space.

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What makes good home staging stock?

For some professional home stagers, especially those in regional centres, home staging “stock” or hire furniture is an essential part of their business.  But what makes good home staging stock?  A few days ago I posted a picture on face book of an armchair and commented that this was a great piece of stock to use in a home staging business.


For more information on this item click here


Although there is a huge amount of things that you must consider when acquiring your stock here are some of my top tips that I consider every time I press “add to cart” when I am selecting my stock.

  1. Colour, where can this be used?
  2. Style, is it versatile?
  3. How much does it cost, will I get a return on it?
  4. Material, will it clean up well?
  5. How heavy is it?
  6. Will it be durable?
  7. Availability, how long will it take to get to me?

For me this chair ticks all those boxes for one category of my clientele and will certainly be added to my stock very soon.